Welcome to the website of Michael B. Filmore, addiction counselor.

Many addiction counselors all throughout the country follow a 12-step-based healing modality. I have found that 12-step programs tend to be a lot more harmful than they are beneficial, however. I have many atheist clients who don’t connect with the 12-step program’s concept of a higher power.

I approach addiction counseling with several different healing modalities. I use SMART Recovery’s four points with some clients, which are:

1. Building and maintaining motivation
2. Coping with urges
3. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
4. Living a balanced life

I have found this self-empowering approach to be very effective and beneficial to many of my clients.

I also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an approach for many clients. I’ve found that CBT is an effective healing modality in the treatment of addiction.

I do not see addiction as a disease, but rather, a series of behaviors that can be managed and changed. I have found that when clients think of themselves as being “sick” with the disease of addiction, they tend to think they can never get sober because they will never stop being addicts or alcoholics. This simply isn’t the case.

My main goal is to help show clients how they can find their path to recovery. If you are interested in counseling sessions with me, please use the contact page to get in touch with me.